Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pollibetta, Coorg, India

For our next destination, Pollibetta, we took a taxi and which involved some off roading. With the help of Mushtaq's step-mom we were able to stay at the Cottabetta Bungalow (Tata Coffee Plantation Trails), nestled in the hills of Southern India. Tata is a large company in India and 70% of their coffee goes to Starbucks, oh and they also make cars, steel, are in the business of communications and much more. It was a very tranquil and quiet place to chill out and relax for a few nights. We were treated like royalty. The staff were wonderful people, food was great, and the views were magnificent. We were not allowed to venture off the property by foot, there were wild elephants all around and you never knew when you might run into one. So we stayed close by. Not sure we were in the mood to try and out run an elephant...haha.

This was a wild baby elephant we saw on the way to our hotel. Didn't stay for too long because we didn't know where mama elephant was and didn't want to find out.

Our afternoon break. Coffee and Scrabble. Yes please.

We had the opportunity to get a tour of the coffee plantation. It was just Henry, I, and the driver. 

Wild cotton trees. It looked like snow on the ground.

Little bitty tomatoes.

This flower has dried up and is now protecting the coffee bean from the elements.

This was an ant home. The white is actually saliva that seals the leaf shut.

 Here is one that has been folded and sealed by the ants and is still being used.

The dedication of our guide. Here is one of the ants biting him so we could get a picture. We did not ask him to do this and he seemed to be in pain.

This is one EXTREMELY hot pepper!

Henry took the tiniest bite and was happy he did, otherwise he probably would have been hurting.

Henry was able to capture a photo of this Lightning bug (aka firefly). There rear ends light up to attract mates. Thousands of these little bugs lit up the forest in the evening. It was a sight to see!  
Taxi back to Mysore, then off to Bangalore and back to the States.

On our way back to Bangalore riding the train first class this time!

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