Monday, April 8, 2013

Bangalore, India

India was our last destination before heading back home. We took a short 3 hour flight from Bangkok to Bangalore. I was a bit uneasy about our trip to India, but with Henry's calm composure and reassurance that everything was going to be fine, it helped to relax me.

Mushtaq was very kind to let us stay with him in his home. A few of his cousins lived down the street that we saw almost every day. We had breakfast every morning at his cousins house, and sometimes lunch and dinner depending on our itinerary for the day. Nothing like a home cooked meal. 

This was just outside the Bull Temple. It was very intimidating walking through the crowd. I think I was one of very few women in this huge crowd of men.

Entrance to the temple.

The bigger than life-size bull was constructed in the 16th century and made out of single granite block. The sacred bull's name is Nandi.

Mushtaq's dad belongs to a car club. They hold a car rally twice a year and we were lucky enough to participate. Lot's of British cars, check out these beauties.

One of the cars had some trouble, but as you can see there were plenty of people available to help fix it.

Henry jammed on his ukulele while Mushtaq's dad played the harmonica.

Went to the National Gallery of Modern Art Bengaluru (aka Bangalore), but we weren't aloud to take photo's inside. Lots of paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc.

In the distance there is a cow that is cruising the street. This is normal in India. Sometimes they even like to lay down in the middle of the street.

He didn't get very far.

Mushtaq's cousins wife designed the logo for this hotel.

This stray cat and its two adorable kittens made it's home for a while at Mushtaq's cousins house.

One of our final pictures with Mushtaq right before we left. How can you resist those faces?

On our way to the bus to the southern state of Kerala. Yay!

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