Friday, April 5, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand with Mushtaq

Our friend Mushtaq, met us in Bangkok for 3 days of partying, eating, few hours of sleep, and plenty of fun, and excitement.

We rented out an apartment for the 3 of us in this building. Lovely place.

Traffic, all day, everyday. Thank goodness we walked just about everywhere.

Henry received an email from his Mom, about a restaurant she had read about in article so we went to check it out. It was about a 45 minute walk and we certainly worked up an appetite. Martha Stewart had even been to the restaurant! They had a picture of her and the cook up on the wall next to our table. It was quite expensive by Thai standards, but the food spoke for itself. Yum!

Here is the blog, it explains how to find the place too:

Almost matching shirts.

Cheers! Just before we went our for our first night with Mushtaq.

Yup that's a bar on the street.

Khao San Road also known as "backpacker street" is filled with bars, restaurants, street shops, lady boys, highly intoxicated people, street food, you name it.

We got ringside seats at our first Muay Thai fight.

Mushtaq taking a power nap at the Muay Thai fight.

Mushtaq took us to this place where he gets his suits made and Henry had one made along with a few shirts. Lots of materials and colors to choose from. It came out perfect.

Look at this handsome fella. As my late grandpa would say, "Sharrrpp!"

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