Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Apartment Hunting

Apartment hunting was more difficult than we anticipated. In the US you see the apartment anytime you like and if you want it then its yours. Here you have to show up at designated inspection times. The inspections only last for 15 mintues and there could be a few other people there or 30 others. Then you all fill out applications and get rejected repeatedly like we did. We weren't the ideal candidates, 4 people with no australian rental history and Alicia was the only one with a job, while the rest of us were job hunting. We finally hit the jackpot with this beauty below. Well it was a beauty after we scrubbed and disinfected the place. It's in Prahran, VIC 3181, close to Courtney and Scott. Now Henry is working for Accent Group (Skechers Australian distributor) so we are all setup. Bank account, check. Apartment, check. Job, check. Diggin' the ING Direct Australia interest rates. We don't have a car, but public transportation within the city is awesome. Henry's commute to work is short and there is time to read during the commute, much better than the 405! You know what is NOT better? The mexican food and its hard to find hot sauce.

Our bathroom does not have an outlet for the water aside from the drain in the sink. This sign is very important to us and if we forget to put the hose in the sink, there will be water everywhere (which has happened twice, not fun to clean up).


  1. Australia has the best mexican food in the world.. Ask Christina

    1. I don't think Christina would say that. That's just crazy.