Monday, February 13, 2012

St Kilda Festival

The St. Kilda Fesitival is an outdoor FREE Summer festival featuring music, dancing, food, drinks, and rides. This place is huge. Probably one of the biggest festivals I have seen, and it's free to get in. We got there and wandered around for a bit, and there were a few scattered clouds in the sky. We were there for about 2 hours then it started to poor rain so we headed over to a bar for shelter. Everyone had the same idea and bars were crowded to the max. So we just stood outside a bar under an awning to wait it out. We got pretty wet, then when it finally let up we started to walk around. We stop at this frozen yogurt place and we got a yogurt. If you guessed correctly on how much your yogurt weighed you got it for free. Well, I guessed mine right...woo I got mine for FREE!

Scott being violated by a street performer:

At the festival we saw this big white tent that said Silent Disco Zone. We stood in line and we each got head phones and had three channels on it. As you head inside, it was a pretty funny site to see with people with head phones on and dancing around. You couldn't actually hear the music until you put your headphones on. There were 3 dj's playing different kinds of music and you could change the channel on your headphones to listen them one at a time. It was pretty cool.

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