Monday, February 6, 2012

1806 and Croft Institute

Scott and Courtney took us to this AWESOME bar called 1806. This is unlike any bar we have been too. It is a pretty small place, but has lots of character. Fun fact: It wasn't until 1806 that the word cocktail was first defined in print. They say you have to wait to be seated because they have a specific way of seating people. There cocktail menu is historically correct as possible and follows a time-line over the last two hundred years. All the drinks on the menu have a date, what's in it, and little history about the drink.

Hot spots in Melbourne are often hidden away and hard to find. Being in the know is how you find some good food and interesting places. A bar called the Croft Institue (no pictures for this one) is in the city down and alley passed some trash bins, around a couple of corners, then further down the alley. We don't have any pictures, but this took hidden to a whole new level. Pretty cool place though. I hear the ladies bathrooms is a bit weird with old hospital instruments in there, and a gurney (just a little creepy).

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