Friday, January 27, 2012

Portsea - Kayaking with the "Dolphins"

So we went down to Portsea to go kayaking with the we thought. We get in the water and head out. We stop every once in while to listen to our guide talk about the expensive houses on the cliffs and some other facts. Then we get to this beach area, get out and walk up to this look out spot. They gave us a granola bar, and a juice box, which was a nice little snack. We hung out for about 10-15 minutes and then got back in our kayaks and headed back in the direction we came. This whole time I'm thinking when are we going to see the dolphins. As we continued back we passed by the area where we started from, and kayaked for about another 5 minutes or so, then we stopped. Our guide proceeded to tell us that about 10 meters (10.9 yards for the non metric countries) in front of us was the "dolphin sanctuary" where the dolphins come to have there babies. They have them here because it's shallow and a pretty safe place they can leave them while the mom goes out to get them food to bring back and feed them. So needless to say, there were no dolphins, false advertising! After we sat around for a few more minutes we headed back. We were all pretty bummed that we didn't see any dolphins. Still hopeful though that I will get to swim with dolphins at some point on our trip.

Scott was so focused on the back of the car not hanging in the driveway he forgot to check the front of the car. Its hard to tell but he is not touching the car in front of him.


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    1. Things are going great! Always exploring and enjoying something new. Good to hear from you Mavor.