Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello Fiji

The plane we took was a massive 747 double decker plane. I have never been on a plane this big. Wow! The seats were ok for a 10 hour flight, glad I'm short! The lady sitting next to me was all up in my space. I had a small pillow on my lap, and she was literally using it as her arm rest. Also, every seat had a small TV, but of course mine didn't work. Henry was kind enough to switch with me for a while. I was happy when we landed.

When we landed we were met with some traditional Fijian music. The traditional skirts that the men are wearing are called sulus. Henry wants to get one for himself.

We decided to leave our large bags at the airport and only bring our backpacks to Waya, one of the many islands in Fiji. Waya island which is part of the Yasawa islands which is part of Fiji. While trying to find a baggage check for our large luggage we missed our boat to Waya. Lucky for us there was a second boat we were able to board which was much smaller, faster, and a much rougher ride than the first boat. Thankfully nobody got sick. Upon arrival we were met with white sandy beaches, clear blue and green water, and a wonderful welcome song.

Our camera survived its 1st underwater picture.

I know its hard to see, but this is a view of the resort from the water.

This is the bungalow that we shared with Tony, Emma, and one other person.

Mosquito nets to protect us from being eaten alive. 

Our first day in Fiji was beautiful!


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