Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nancy, Henry's mom, met us in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 4 days. She was so gracious to let us stay with her at the lovely Le Meridien hotel. We spent our time wandering the streets of KL, sightseeing, eating, and just hanging out.  

View from the hotel.

Our first adventure was to the Batu Caves which is made of limestome. There are 3 main caves that contain a series of temples and Hindu shrines and is the home to a group of long-tailed monkeys. In order to reach the top you need to conquer about 300 small, steep stairs.

This is Hanumanji who is a Hindu deity.

Behind us is the larger than life Hindu god Shiva.

Inside the caves.

We went to the adjacent Art Gallery and Museum. It contained paintings, statues, and murals depicting scenes from the Hindu religion and the deities. Beautiful bright colors.

"You can't keep me couped up in here, OK? I am a peacock, you gotta let me fly!"

This is at the Masjid Negara (the National Mosque) where they provided you with a robe and a head scarf for the ladies if you weren't dressed accordingly. We look about 100 pounds heavier because the wind kicked up when Nancy took the picture.

This is a sign we saw on our way up to the Canopy Walkway at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. So do they mean no running, OR don't run into each other?!?...haha. Looks like she is going to take him out.

Another sighting on our way up.

SCARIEST THING EVER!!! Again, it may not look like it from the pictures, but it was. There was a long walking trail leading up to the popular Canopy Walkway. I was super excited until we got there. Basically, the walking platform is HIGH up in the air and is constructed by several metal ladders, wooden planks (about a foot wide, and many not looking their best) on top of the ladders, netting on either side with a ropes you can use to hold onto. Oh and did I forget to mention there is NO support, meaning pillars or something underneath to make it stable. The platforms consistently move as you walk making it even more eery. Only four people could go at a time, and you had to stay 3 meters back from the person in front of you. Luckily they had red markings on the planks that indicated where you needed to stand. There were a couple viewing platforms you could stop at to take pictures and catch your breath. All in all it was a great experience to share with Henry and Nancy, but not sure I would want to do it again.

After our canopy walk we went to Blue Boy Vegetarian that Henry said had excellent reviews. There are about 10 stalls serving all kinds of Asian vegetarian dishes. Here is a group shot with the cooks. Great food, and inexpensive!!!

Laundry day! So the reason we washed them in the sink because the prices at the hotel were astronomical AND they told us there was no laundry service in close proximity. Didn't have time to explore and find out for ourselves so we decided to hand wash them in the large sink and then drape them in the master bathroom. To our surprise, they were dry by the next day.

Petronas Towers fun facts:
- They are twin towers that stand 451.9m high (1,482.61 feet)
- They are 88 stories high with a viewing platform on the 41st floor. We wanted to go, but was sold out that day.
- It has a convention center, shopping mall, mosque, and a park. 
- The exterior of buildings are made up of glass and steel.

Absolutely stunning when you see them in person.

These delicious little pigs are buns that contain a red bean paste, and the other was a lotus paste. So darn cute, I just had to include them on the blog.

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