Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fabio, Henry, and Alicia on the Beach!

While in Kuala Terengganu we took a boat to the quiet island of Pulau Kapas for the day. The smooth ride over was about 20 minutes. Pristine blue waters and white sandy beaches greeted us on our arrival. The length of the island was completely accessible by foot. It is was a small island, yet there were plenty of sleeping accommodations as well as food options. We went on a weekday which was perfect, there was hardly anyone around. However, on the boat we did meet Fabio, a wonderful person, who was from Italy (Forgot to take a picture with him). We spent some of our time chatting it up with him, relaxing on the sand, hanging out in the water, and walking around. Fabio was a lot skinnier than I remember and had a buzz cut, perhaps he didn't want to be recognized.

Our boat.

Had lunch at this restaurant.

We had this stretch of sand to ourselves. We checked out the other beaches, and this was by far the best spot. It was Awesome!

Just having a little fun.

There were plenty of walkways and stairs to make it easier to get to some of the beaches. These particular set of stairs were super steep!

Lunch time.

Heading back to the mainland. So sad to leave.

Ok, so it wasn't the REAL Fabio...haha.

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