Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nelson, New Zealand

On our way to Nelson we stopped in this little town called Wakefield to pick up some breakfast. We grabbed a bacon and egg pie, a croissant, and an apricot muffin from The Bakery Shop (I think that was the name). We sat in car sharing the pie, it was so good that Henry went back in for another one. Turns out their pies won some award in 2011!

We arrived in Nelson in the early afternoon. While preparing lunch we were greeted by a family of ducks that were really cute and followed us around. At one point a duck hopped into the van and another one walked across my feet. I guess I was in his way. When they got tired of us, they made there way to other guests. Pretty funny to watch.

First thing we saw was the oldest street in Nelson called South Street. It was a cobble stone street, with cute little victorian houses. Next we found a ice cream cart that made ice cream with real fruit, plus waffles. Delicious!

After that we took a stroll through the Queens Gardens. It was lovely.

Henry meditating...for the picture.

Next was the uphill hike to see the centre of New Zealand. Af the top you get a 360 degree view of Nelson. Saw this little guy on our way. Noisy little sucker!

We were standing here taking pictures of Nelson when a runner needed a break and decided to take our picture. It was a win win.

We then continued onto the Japanese Miyazu Garden. It was very peaceful and relaxing.

On the road again

Goin' places that I've never been
Seein' things that I may never see again
And I can't wait to get on the road again

Time to get on the road again to Picton, where we would catch the boat to take us to Wellington. We drove through part of the Pelorous Sound along very windy and narrow roads, but plenty of great views along the way. 

We stopped at Te Mahia Bay Resort, a beautiful little resort right on the water. Unexpectedly, we had the best veggie pizza of our lives and some Iced Chocolates for dessert. A perfect dessert for a hot day.

Finished exploring and finally arrived in Picton, drove onto to the massive boat and relaxed for our 3 hour boat ride to Wellington.

Got wood?

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