Friday, February 8, 2013

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Our first stop after leaving Christchurch was Banks Peninsula. Banks peninsula contains many bays, all amazing and the small french town of Akaroa. Not sure how much french is actually spoken here, but historically it has french influences and many of the street names are still in french. We stayed the night in Akaroa before setting out to nearby Okains Bay.



Then we had to decide whether to go to the bottom of New Zealand to see Dunedin and the Caitlans (both coastal towns) or to go towards Mt Cook Glacier and Queenstown (the adventure capital of the world for bungy jumping, skydiving, luge, abseiling, canyoning and so much more). With the help of some Kiwis from Dunedin, we chose Mt Cook and Queenstown. On our way to Mt Cook we stubbled upon Lake Tekapo. The colour of the glacier lake was unlike anything we'd ever seen.

Lake Alexandria

Lake Tekapo

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