Sunday, July 8, 2012

See ya later, David

David is a friend of ours (meaning Henry, I, Tony, and Emma) that we met in Fiji. While chatting with him we found out he was also headed to Australia on a work/holiday visa. We met up with him in Australia after a short time. Once we found an apartment of our own, we let him know that if he needed a place to crash ever he was more than welcome to come over. He jumped at the chance and he was a wonderful temporary roommate. He made dinner, he cleaned, he bought us food, drinks, but on top of all, he is an awesome person with a great sense of humour, very easy going, kind, and was able to put up with the four of us and that by itself is a lot of work. The last night he stayed with us we made dinner, had a few drinks, and played Bananas (which is similar to Scrabble, lots of fun, I recommend you play!). On a side note: Don't play Bananas with Tony when he has been drinking, he likes to cheat and make up his own words. David is away traveling as well as trying to find more work and is not sure where we will end up, but we wish him all the best, and hope to see him around. Cheers, David!

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