Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Adam and Renee

Adam and Renee are friends of ours that came out to visit. Henry used to work with Renee at Skechers. We were excited to see them for the last two days of there trip in Australia. It was a lot fun, and of course we wish they could have stayed longer. We had dinner and wine with them the first night, as they were pretty exhausted from their trip. We parted ways after dinner and the next day they went out exploring. That evening we invited them to our place for dinner and I made minestrone soup, and roasted pumpkin, blue cheese and pear bruschetta. I don't normally pat my own back, but WOW dinner was good!!!

While I made dinner, Henry biked over to the liquor store to pick up two things, but came back with a backpack full of drinks. They had a great deal on wine that he just couldn't pass up.

The next day we met up for a footy game. This was our second time attending a game, but their first. We did our best to explain the rules from what we could remember, but I think we did a pretty good job? Overall the game was exciting to watch.

After the game we headed back into the city and wandered around. At one point we headed over to a bar called The Croft Institute. This bar is located down an alley that dead ends at the bar. This is the only way to get in, kind of creepy, but a very cool place. Henry and I had been there once before. The alley way is filled with graffiti on the walls, but is really neat to see. Unfortunately, the bar didn't open till later so we just took some pictures and headed off to dinner. We had a great time with Adam and Renee and really enjoyed showing them around.

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