Saturday, February 25, 2012


On a warm evening we decided to go sailing around the Albert Park Lake. When we arrived there was not much wind, but we saw a handful of boats sailing around so we decided to do it. It was just me, Henry, Tony, and Scott. After we got in the boat they pushed us out and we realized there was less then not much wind, there was actually no wind at all. We drifted into parked boats and got stuck on a rope. This girl who worked there hopped in her little motor boat and gave us a push. That help for about 5 seconds and we got stuck again! The wind was completely gone, and so the four of us just sat there trying a few different things to get going, but we had no luck. We were not the only ones having trouble...thank goodness. Eventually there was guy who came out on the motor boat and brought everyone back in. We learned our lesson, don't go sailing if there is no wind...haha.

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