Thursday, February 23, 2012

Look Right Before Crossing the #$@%*&! Street

Now that we got a place we also had to furnish it, and quick. Everything came from Op Shops (second hand), IKEA, and Gumtree (just like craigslist). Its amazing the deals you can get second hand and the quality too instead of buying everything new. We rented a Ute Truck (like an El Camino) to pick everything up in a day and a half. I(Henry) went to pick up the ute and the guy asked me if I wanted insurance, but I declined. Then I checked the truck and it was a manual. Since this was my first time driving on the left side of the road and it was a manual, I went back and added insurance. When you rent a car in another country they accept a license from any country even though you may not know the rules.

RULE #1, you are allowed to pass a tram (Public train on the street), but not when it is letting people off. I broke that rule within 5 kilometers (i've converted) and was yelled at by everyone in the area, even people not using the tram.

RULE #2, you are not allowed to turn left on red (equivalent to a right on red in the US). Courtney broke that rule over and over and over, but let me know before I drove.

RULE #3, this is not so much of a rule, but just some thing I've never seen. Some intersections have you turn right from the left lane (equivalent of turning left from the right lane) because there are trams in the middle of the street where you would normally turn from. When you get to an intersection like this for the first time you try to decipher the strange street signs and bust out a few "What the #$&@ is that?!!!" and "How the (@#$&* am I supposed to get over there?". Then you get stuck on a bunch of one way streets and can't find places to make u-turns. Getting to a destination can take a lot longer than it should until you figure out the system.

RULE #4, this is a rule I am making for the Austrailian civil engineers. PUT STREET SIGNS ON ALL YOUR STREETS, NOT JUST THE SMALL STREETS. WHY THE MAJOR STREETS AREN'T WELL MARKED OR MARKED AT ALL I CAN'T COMPREHEND!! Also many streets only go for a few blocks before the name changes. Why?

And always remember, look right before crossing the street.

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