Monday, February 27, 2012

Bushrangers Bay Trail, Mornington Pennisula National Park

We met another Courtney (from Australia) in Fiji, not to be confused with our other friend Courtney (from the States), that we have kept in touch with since we have been here. We took a train to meet her in Mt. Waverly where she lives. Thankfully she had two cars, one that she drove with a few of us, while Henry and I drove the other car. It took us about 2 hours to get to Morninton Pennisula National Park where we hiked down to a lovely beach. Along our hike we saw a baby kangaroo that was about 3 feet away from us, that was awesome. We didn't take any pictures because we didn't want to spook, plus we didn't know where the mom was, so we kept on walking. It took us about 45 minutes to walk down to the beach, but we didn't go in because there were very strong currents. So we walked around for a bit, climb some rocks, and Courtney, I, and Henry hiked to the top of a rock to get a 360 degree view. It was a wonderful view, but was super windy! I thought I was going to get blown off the rock. After we got done wandering around we headed back and she took us to a place to get some yummy hot dogs. Sorry, no pictures to share of that because I was so hungry I was just focused on eating. They were delicious. To top that off, a few of us got an ice cream bar.

See the water that Courtney is staring at, yea, that wasn't there when we crossed earlier. We ended up walking through the water on the way back. It was about knee high. A nice way to cool off.

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