Friday, March 8, 2013

Land of Fines, Singapore

Singapore is one of the cleanest Cities/States/Countries and part of that is because of the fines. We quickly found this out when we arrived at the airport hungry and decided to have a little snack on our way to the train. While stuffing our faces we notice a sign with a SG$500 fine for eating or drinking in the airport. There are also fines for smoking in prohibited areas, spitting, chewing gum and putting it anywhere other than the trash, littering, pornography, nudity, public display of affection (seems to only be overly affectionate, holding hands or hugging not such and issue), and more.

Singapore is very developed, large buildings, plenty of shopping centres, well maintained roads, traffic lights, road rules that are followed, and an easy to follow train system. Nothing like what we experienced in Bali.

Our first hostel was in a singapore and it was a good experience. We ate breakfast at the hostel then had insanely cheap lunch and dinner at the local hawker stalls that are setup all over.

Marina Bay - Offices

Marina Bay - Architecture, hotels and museums.

Marina Bay - Soccer stadium on the water. Who fetches the missed goals?

Marina Bay - Merlion Park

Which one doesn't belong?

Kampong Glam has an Arab influence and some interesting architecture, shops (many fabric and carpet), hukkah, and restaurants.

Kampong Glam mosque.

This is how some people dry their clothes in tall buildings.

Buddhist Temple


Sentosa Island is a resort island in the south of Singapore. Check out the Sponge Bob family.

Turns out this place had a universal studios, but that's not what we came for.

We came to Sentosa for the beaches.

Peacock at McDonald's. Is he just visiting or is that what is in the burgers?

Sentosa is the southern most point of continental asia. We made it WOOHOO!

They had everything here except dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups.

Decorations in Chinatown near our hostel.

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