Friday, January 4, 2013

90 Mile Beach, Australia

Carl, Rachel, Henry, and I went camping along Ninety Mile Beach, a 2.5 hour drive from Melbourne. The 90 mile stretch separates the Gippsland Lakes from the Bass Strait. There were numerous free camping spots along the beach, and we found a perfect spot. The only draw back was that there weren't ANY toilets, not even a pit toilet, so we had to hide behind trees and bushes. Welcome to the great outdoors! On the positive side were a minutes walk to the beach. It was a hot weekend so it was nice to have the clean ocean water to jump into (it was our shower). On top of that, the beach was empty, so it was like our own secluded beach. Our relaxing weekend consisted of doing nothing, playing cards, and playing beach Cricket! Quite the Australian tradition. Henry won and I came in third place, but really who cares who won, all that matters is we had fun. During the Cricket game a baby seal came up on shore. SO CUTE! He/she was just hanging out on the sand, rolling around, and enjoying the warm weather. By Sunday, we were all looking forward to showering! Another enjoyable camping weekend with friends.

Good looking bathroom.

The Ultimate Camping Machine

Henry doing the Bo Derek after his ocean shower.

To da beach.

Carl's thong (sandal for the Americans) was eaten in the middle of the night.

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