Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Footy Game

Our friends Dave and Judy, whom we met in Fiji, but live in Australia invited Henry, Tony, Emma, and I to an AFL Footy game. I for one had never heard of it before, but was told it was a "must see" game. As we walked to the train station from our place it was sunny and a bit cloudy, then it started to rain, when we got off the train it started hailing! All in about a 10 minute span. It rained/down poured on and off the entire game, luckily we were up high enough we were covered. the more expensive seats wer not covered. The teams that were playing were Geelong and the Hawks and Judy is HUGE Geelong fan so we helped her cheer the team on. She and Dave explained the game and rules to us throughout the match which was very helpful, but we all picked up on it pretty quickly. It was an exciting and competitive game to watch, we look forward to seeing another one. It was a good time had by all.

Australian meat pie.

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