Saturday, October 27, 2012

Relaxing Weekend

Henry and I headed out for a weekend get-away to a little town called Daylesford which is known for its Day Spas. There is also a main street that has lots of shops to visit and restaurants. It's two hours from Melbourne by train and a bus ride.

We started our Saturday morning by having a wonderful breakfast at a french restaurant called Rouge. After that, we hopped on the train and started making our way to Daylesford. We arrived there in the early afternoon, found the bed and breakfast we were staying at called The Manse, and luckily enough our room was ready for us. The B&B was great and we loved our room. Just to give you an idea, there were a total of six rooms, two on the bottom floor plus a day spa area and four rooms on the second floor. Our room was on the second floor.

Waiting patiently for Rouge to open.

On the train ready to go.

The Manse B&B.

Below are a few pictures of our room.

This had our breakfast supplies, cereal, bread, coffee, tea, butter, jam, milk, etc. The only thing missing was some fresh fruit.

I know your asking why I put a picture of the toilet in here, but it is a very unique toilet from back in the day. It was like a flushable pit toilet. A bit strange.

The view from our room.

Not sure what these are, but thought they were pretty.

Saturday started out sunny, but quickly turned cold and rainy so we didn't do much and just made it a lazy day. That evening we went to dinner at place called Perfect Drop and the food was lovely and so were the drinks.

These drinks were DELICIOUS and strong.

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. We had breakfast and then headed out for the day. The first thing we did was walk around Lake Daylesford. It was quite a large lake so we took our time strolling around, taking pictures, and just enjoying the scenery. Next we went to the botanic gardens to have a nice lunch at the Wombat Hill House. It was nice, but not sure I would consider it a botanic garden. We walked around for a bit and then found a spot in the grass to relax and read. That evening we went to dinner at a place called Kazuki's which is a Japanese restaurant. Again, the food was great!

 Several pictures from around the lake.

Cute little ladybug.

On our way up to the botanic gardens.

View from the top of a tower that we walked up at the gardens.

Monday was the day for our massages. I was SUPER excited, Henry was looking forward to it too, but I was way more excited...haha. After our massages we just relaxed for a while and then went to lunch at a place called Larder. Great food. From there we went back to the lake to hang out, read, and enjoy the weather. We headed back to Melbourne that evening. We had wonderful, relaxing, and lazy time...and that's exactly what we wanted to do.

Second day at the lake. This was the view from where we were sitting.

This too.

This duck was very curious, he kept coming very close to us and then I think he just got bored and walked away.

This bird was walking near us and eating everything in sight.

This guy was eating away too.

Henry didn't know I took this picture. He was out like a light!!!

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